New to the world of Latex?

New to the world of Latex?

New to the world of Latex? This blog post should give you a few pointers and tips on how to look after your new latex garments.

When you first unwrap your garment, it will have a layer of talc applied - this is applied by us prior to shipping which helps finish the garment, seal the glue and helps prevent the garment being damaged during transit. Don't be alarmed, we will get tell you how to remove it latex in the post!

How to put on the garment.

You will notice that this layer of talc is also applied to the inside of the garment, this may help you put the garment on, however, we recommend you use more talc to help you pull the latex on. Alternatively, you could use a latex dressing aid which really helps you slide into your new latex!

We recommend that before pulling on the garment that you remove any sharp jewellery which could pierce the latex, we also recommend that you pull the latex on using hands and to avoid pulling the latex with long finger nails that could tear the latex.

How to make your latex shine!

Some people choose to wear their latex like this and prefer the matt finish, however, if you prefer shiny latex as shown in our product images, like the Black Dress shown here, then you will need to use latex polish.

Our Latex Polish is easy to apply, simply spray onto a lint free cloth and rub onto the latex surface - this is often easiest to do when the garment is being worn.


What to do after you've worn your latex?

If you wish to wash your latex garment after it's been worn, we recommend that you use latex soap and gently move the garment with the soap in luke warm water.

After washing, leave your garment to drip dry - preferably over a drain such as a shower or bath as Latex doesn't retain water which means it will all fall off. Leave the garment until it is completely dry inside and out. When it is dry, we recommend you talc the inside of the garment and polish the outside of the latex, this helps maintain the rubbers moisture so it doesn't dry out and become damaged.

What to avoid.

Lighter coloured latex can easily discolour, we recommend that you avoid contact with fake tan, make-up and any other chemicals - contact with these can cause irreversible damage to the latex and can weaken the integrity of the latex structure.

You should also avoid prolonged contact with metal, again, metal can also cause discolouration to the latex and can cause weak spots in the garment.

UV! Prolonged exposure to UV light (sunlight) can cause discolouration and weak spots, we recommend you store your latex in a dark place such as a wardrobe.

Latex can also be damaged by heat so avoid storing the latex in a warm area such as near a radiator. As mentioned above, a wardrobe is a perfect place to store it, where possible try and hang the garment to avoid creasing.

If you have any further questions then please contact us!

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