Casual Latex?

Casual Latex?

There's quite a stigma when it comes to latex clothes, as soon as you mention latex, people automatically assume that it is 'fetish wear'. However this is a misconception, we're going to discuss how you can incorporate latex into more casual wear.

Take this example, I have paired up one of our Latex Plunge Neck Crop Tops with one of my 'normal' skirts - creating a casual look which incorporates latex. It's surprising how many positive comments I got from wearing this set, many people loved the look and were asking what it was. It's great to see people open up to the idea of wearing latex, I like to think it's slowly removing the stigma of latex as fetish wear one outfit at a time!

Below is another example of how the Plunge Neck Crop Top can be used with jeans to create a unique look which we love!

This is another example of how the Latex Crop Top can be paired with a normal skirt to create a unique look.

At Latex Couture we're trying to make more garments that can be worn out as casual, take the Latex Plunge Neck Dress even without normal fabrics, we've been told by customers that they wear it out as casual latex! We think that's great, Latex is incredibly good at figure enhancing so if you're tempted to try latex then do it!

Let us know what you think about casual latex, have you and would you wear it out in public?

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